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More safety in water sports

BlueLocar cominbes expertise from the fields of acoustics, electrical engineering and communication engineering with passion for water sports. Our team members are not just experts in their fields but also active in waters sports. They have also experienced emergency situation on the water.

This expertise and experiences were bundeled and provided the input for our RAY. RAY offers comprehensive, simple safety enhancement when you are out on the water. The RAY does not require any addtitional licence, registration or an installation with a PC.  All you need is a second RAY or optionally a base station on the boat or on land.

Diving, sailing or kayak – RAY contributes to personal safety of all water sport enthusiasts. With your RAY you can alert your dive buddy, the crew on the boat or in the dive centre, accelerate the rescue chain or just ask for a pick-up.



2 weeks ago

We believe a holiday needs to be STRESSLESS and SAFE. That is why we offer you both with our GPS locating system, which is useful in any kind of MOB situation.

The MARLIN is small and light enough ... See more

2 weeks ago

Concerning RANGE,
never TRUST ANYONE who talks about RANGE without mentioning ANTENNA HEIGHT.
Our maximal range* is between 3 km up to 10 km depending on the height of the receiver: 1 m above surface ... See more

2 weeks ago

HELP us HELP you by becoming a PARTNER!

We're steadily trying to IMPROVE our system, if you help us by TESTING our system and giving us FEEDBACK, we will offer you ATTRACTIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS on the ... See more

3 weeks ago

Last year we did an extensive TEST starting at #Rijeka in #Croatia and we have to say, the system even SURPASSED our expectations. We SIMULATED a typical #MOB situation in heavy weather and had our ... See more

3 weeks ago

OUR PRODUCTS are not just extremely EASY TO USE and WATERPROOF up to 100m, they also allow you to fully ENJOY every moment doing the sport you like and STOP WORRYING about being LOST.

HELP us HELP ... See more

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More safety in water