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More safety in water sports

BlueLocar cominbes expertise from the fields of acoustics, electrical engineering and communication engineering with passion for water sports. Our team members are not just experts in their fields but also active in waters sports. They have also experienced emergency situation on the water.

This expertise and experiences were bundeled and provided the input for our Marlin. Marlin offers comprehensive, simple safety enhancement when you are out on the water. The MArlin does not require any addtitional licence, registration or an installation with a PC.  All you need is a second Marlin EVO or optionally a base station on the boat or on land.

Diving, sailing or kayak – Marlin contributes to personal safety of all water sport enthusiasts. With your MArlin you can alert your dive buddy, the crew on the boat or in the dive centre, accelerate the rescue chain or just ask for a pick-up.



1 month ago

We have been working very hard, to finish our newest product and are about to finish it. The last weeks were really exciting but also extremely exhausting. That's why we decided to take a day off and ... See more

2 months ago

#PLB, #AIS, #DSC or the #Ray System from #BlueLocar... which technology fits your NEEDS best?

There is a whole lot of different companies, selling maritime safety systems on the market. They offer ... See more

2 months ago

We have put a lot of #EFFORT into developing the best locating system for water sports on the market. With the next #GEN of the #Marlin our system will not only become much more #FLEXIBLE, it will ... See more

2 months ago
Evolution of Blue Locar

MARLIN... Evolve!
We're very excited to announce, that our #DEVELOPERS have created the next #GEN of the #MARLIN.
We'll PRESENT our new product soon, so visit us again!

Meanwhile watch Pokemon, or ... See more

2 months ago
Spearfishing Channel

DOING ANY kind of SPORT can be risky. But by having the right equipment you're able to reduce that risk to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.
If you're are a #diver, #spearfisher, #sailor... and might ever get ... See more

Amazing pic by @andremusgrove @david_langloiss @_bahamasgirl_

2 months ago

The #BlueLocar Marlin is like a best friend, it never lets you down, always has your back and it's ready to take on anything, just like you!

WE believe that if the #OCEAN is calling you, there ... See more

3 months ago

Our business is located in #Vienna and although we don't have any SHORELINE, Austria offers a great many of lakes which invite you to go for a dive.
Some of which we use for TESTING our ... See more

3 months ago
Maldives Insider

The MALDIVES are gorgeous and probably one of the greatest diving locations in the world.
They are also known for strong CURRENTS.

If you prefer to #STAYSAFE, we would recommend our Marlin GPS ... See more

Beautiful Maldives :: Repost from @nati.ko #Мальдивы #BeautifulMaldives #maldivesinsider

3 months ago

An ENCOUNTER with these beautiful creatures can be rather THRILLING, even for the experienced diver. Wouldn't it be nice to know, that you will be found by your crew, even if you take a STROLL with ... See more

Haue vor Hawai

3 months ago


Maybe it's time to grab your GPS transmitter too. The Marlin sends its position to your ship every 10 seconds and ... See more

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