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Pour plus de sécurité dans les sports nautiques

Le système de localisation électronique BlueLocar MARLIN est un support de localisation des plongeurs en surface. Il augmente la sécurité lors des plongées sans se substituer à d’autres moyens de secours et de signalisation mais est un complément utile à ces derniers.

Le système BlueLocar MARLIN est une aide à la navigation, mais il ne remplace pas l’orientation habituelle, un bon jugement  et la compétence en la matière. Ne comptez donc pas sur lui, comme produit de sauvetage mais seulement comme une aide à la localisation de personnes disparues et à la navigation. Il est fortement recommandé d’établir avant les procédures et les règles de comportement dans le cas d’un signal SOS ou HOME



1 year ago

Warm greettings to all from the DEMA show 2018 we are proud to present our newest product, the Marlin RC (Bluetooth) at our booth 2924. If you want to get your hands on and check the functionality ... See more

1 year ago

Imagine you needed only one of these packages and had a fully operable rescue system for lost divers or any other kind of MOB situation.
Well the future is here, and we would like to celebrate our ... See more

1 year ago

Our next generation is ready for anything, are you too?

The Marlin RC is a radio antenna which may be connected to your mobile phone or tablet. It can locate people drifting in the water, carrying ... See more

1 year ago

The new Marlin Recon [RC] can be connected with a #phone or #tablet after downloading our #APP using #bluetooth, ultimately turning your mobile device into a ... See more

1 year ago

We're looking forward to welcome many of you at booth 2924 at the #DEMAshow. Our full product pallet will be on exhibition, even our new Marlin Evo.

Want to get your hands on and test them for ... See more

Unveil fresh technologies and cutting-edge dive products at #DEMAShow’s New Product Showcase in Las Vegas!

1 year ago

We have been working very hard, to finish our newest product and are about to finish it. The last weeks were really exciting but also extremely exhausting. That's why we decided to take a day off and ... See more

1 year ago

#PLB, #AIS, #DSC or the #Ray System from #BlueLocar... which technology fits your NEEDS best?

There is a whole lot of different companies, selling maritime safety systems on the market. They offer ... See more

1 year ago

We have put a lot of #EFFORT into developing the best locating system for water sports on the market. With the next #GEN of the #Marlin our system will not only become much more #FLEXIBLE, it will ... See more

1 year ago
Evolution of Blue Locar

MARLIN... Evolve!
We're very excited to announce, that our #DEVELOPERS have created the next #GEN of the #MARLIN.
We'll PRESENT our new product soon, so visit us again!

Meanwhile watch Pokemon, or ... See more

1 year ago
Spearfishing Channel

DOING ANY kind of SPORT can be risky. But by having the right equipment you're able to reduce that risk to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.
If you're are a #diver, #spearfisher, #sailor... and might ever get ... See more

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Plus de sécurité dans les sports nautiques.