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Pour plus de sécurité dans les sports nautiques

Le système de localisation électronique BlueLocar MARLIN est un support de localisation des plongeurs en surface. Il augmente la sécurité lors des plongées sans se substituer à d’autres moyens de secours et de signalisation mais est un complément utile à ces derniers.

Le système BlueLocar MARLIN est une aide à la navigation, mais il ne remplace pas l’orientation habituelle, un bon jugement  et la compétence en la matière. Ne comptez donc pas sur lui, comme produit de sauvetage mais seulement comme une aide à la localisation de personnes disparues et à la navigation. Il est fortement recommandé d’établir avant les procédures et les règles de comportement dans le cas d’un signal SOS ou HOME



1 year ago

The #BlueLocar Marlin is like a best friend, it never lets you down, always has your back and it's ready to take on anything, just like you!

WE believe that if the #OCEAN is calling you, there ... See more

1 year ago

Our business is located in #Vienna and although we don't have any SHORELINE, Austria offers a great many of lakes which invite you to go for a dive.
Some of which we use for TESTING our ... See more

1 year ago
Maldives Insider

The MALDIVES are gorgeous and probably one of the greatest diving locations in the world.
They are also known for strong CURRENTS.

If you prefer to #STAYSAFE, we would recommend our Marlin GPS ... See more

Beautiful Maldives :: Repost from @nati.ko #Мальдивы #BeautifulMaldives #maldivesinsider

1 year ago

An ENCOUNTER with these beautiful creatures can be rather THRILLING, even for the experienced diver. Wouldn't it be nice to know, that you will be found by your crew, even if you take a STROLL with ... See more

Haue vor Hawai

1 year ago


Maybe it's time to grab your GPS transmitter too. The Marlin sends its position to your ship every 10 seconds and ... See more

1 year ago

THAT'S how the weather SHOULD look like, but sometimes the weather just doesn't care about what you wish for.
For those CASES we developed the Marlin GPS Transmitter, because we think it's very ... See more

1 year ago

WANNA be PREPARED for anything?
We recommend the following combination to KEEP YOU SAFE.
- The BlueLocar GPS transmitter makes it easy to locate you even in very ROUGH conditions.
- And a KNIFE, you ... See more

1 year ago

We believe a holiday needs to be STRESSLESS and SAFE. That is why we offer you both with our GPS locating system, which is useful in any kind of MOB situation.

The MARLIN is small and light enough ... See more

2 years ago

Concerning RANGE,
never TRUST ANYONE who talks about RANGE without mentioning ANTENNA HEIGHT.
Our maximal range* is between 3 km up to 10 km depending on the height of the receiver: 1 m above surface ... See more

2 years ago

HELP us HELP you by becoming a PARTNER!

We're steadily trying to IMPROVE our system, if you help us by TESTING our system and giving us FEEDBACK, we will offer you ATTRACTIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS on the ... See more

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