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The Marlin Reconnaissance

is our most innovative design yet. It features all the functions of its predecessor and can be connected to your mobile device via BLUETOOTH.

The Marlin RC comes with the Recon APP and may be used with any mobile device (android, IOS first quarter 2019). It then functions as a locating antenna, which may be attached to for example a mast, to improve it’s range, or may be carried by the diver himself.
Long range radio SOS and HOME transmissions, which are picked up by the Marlin RC are then relayed via BLUETOOTH onto your phone or tablet, where the APP shows the received positions on a radar-like screen. You also get important information, like distance and bearing from the app, thereby upgrading every mobile device to a fully functional basestation.

! Important:
You need at least 2 devices (2 x Marlin RC, 1 Marlin + Marlin RC, 1 Marlin + 1 Basestation) in order to locate one of our devices. The system is completely self contained, you don’t need mobile reception or similar.



  • lightweight – just 250 g including batteries
  • cheap – no need to buy an expensive and bulky basestation
  • functional – diving buddies may locate each other*
  • flexible – start small with 2 and then slowly upgrade to up to 150 devices

The maritime locating System RAY for water sports enthusiast and professionals

BlueLocar set new standards by developing the innovative personal GPS locating, tracking and rescue system RAY, which allows you to locate f.e. divers who have drifted out of sight of the dive boat.

The handy location transmitter Marlin sends it’s position, if turned on, to any other device from BlueLocar, thereby allowing it to be tracked in real time. This speeds up the rescue chain in any emergency.

One of our specialties is the bidirectional tracking, this means that any sender is also a transmitter. In case an emergency transmission is received, it will be relayed by every activated Marlin. This may greatly enhance your active range.


*on the surface, if a waterproof phone, tablet or mobile device in a waterproof housing is carried by the diver

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