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The Rationale

How does it work?

The maritime safety system, developed by BlueLocar, is a closed GPS-based tracking system. At least two devices are necessary to put the system into operation. The main feature is the bidirectional tracking and navigation function. That means that the ‘Marlin’ is a sender and receiver of radio signals at the same time.

During the dive or surf, Marlin should be off. Depending on the situation the person in question can select two functions:

  • Turning on the SOS function button, Marlin sends the distress signal exclusively to your team or crew. No external rescue service is contacted at any additional expenses. The sender receives his or her GPS position from satellite coordinates.
  • Whereas the HOME function transmitts just the GPS position of the sender. If you cannot see your boat or liveaboard, you are adrift or suffer a broken mast, you will be able to inform the receiver about your current position. This button should be pressed without any case of emergency, for example to be picked up.

A loud high frequency alarm on the base station or your mobile device attracts the receiver’s attention. The receiver, i.e. your crew on the liveaboard or dinghy, must manually confirm the position to turn off the alarm. The sender sees if his or her GPS position has been successfully confirmed.

The receiving Marlin EVOL or base station displays the name or number of the sender, the distance in meters and the direction through the digital compass. The time as well as the categorisation into HOME and SOS alarms are available.

Important: The system does not have any radio, but works solely with the two function buttons.


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