BlueLocar base station


The base station as complement to type Ray devices for boats and bases. The external antenna mounted high on a mast enables a larger range for the system. The 7” color display offers in combination with the seven function buttons a comfortable management of the position data transmitted by type Ray devices. Unmistakable loud alarm in case of a received emergency signal. Long standby time of more than one week without external power supply. Includes software for Windows, Mac, Linux on USB stick, charging device, external antenna module with 10m cable.
Attention: This device needs at least one more type Marlin transmitter.

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Technical data

  • Splash water resistant
  • Weight: 4.95 kg
  • Dimensions [WxLxH]: 27.4 x 29.1 x 12.4 cm
  • Display: 7″ colour LCD, sunlight readable
  • Magnetic compass
  • GPS integrated
  • Wireless connection: License free data transmission at 869,5 MHz (EU software version)
    915 MHz (US software version)
  • Wireless range: 3 km-10 km depending how high the antennas are above the water
  • Transmitting power 500mW
  • Battery 9Ah 12V Pb-rechargeable

All values ​​are subject to standard tolerances


The signaling-, locating- and tracking system developed by BlueLocar with its numerous functions and applications worldwide is unique.

  • Radar screen: 7” colour LCD, sunlight readable
  • 20 – 24 h battery life (on line mode)
  • Shows all group devices in range on screen
  • Detects SOS from any BlueLocar device in range
  • Calculates bearing and distance
  • Alarm & Buzzer
  • 10 m Antenna cable included
  • Allows for a higher detection range up to 10 km, due to external antenna