BlueLocar Ray surface edition


One type Ray Surface Edition (SE) device as Supplement for already existing Rays or a base station. Each Ray SE offers besides comprehensive locating features a digital compass as well as the possibility to transmit predefined text messages to another type Ray SE device. The display is optimized for sunlight readability in a maritime environment. Includes the software for Windows, Mac, Linux on USB stick as well as a USB charging device and a strap with carabiner for attaching the device.
Attention: Cannot be used for locating and wireless Transmission without another type Ray device or a base station. This is the surface edition, DO NOT SUBMERGE!

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Technical data

  • Splash water resistant
  • Weight: 390g
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 7,5 x 17 x 2,5 cm
  • Display: 2,7″ LCD, sunlight readable
  • Magnetic compass
  • GPS integrated
  • Wireless connection: License free data transmission at 869,5 MHz (EU software version)
    915 MHz (US software version)
  • Wireless range: 3km-10km depending how high the antennas are above the water
  • Transmitting power 500mW
  • Battery 4,8V NiMh rechargeable

All values ​​are subject to standard tolerances


What is the range of the wireless connection?

A statement about the range of a wireless connection between two points at sea only makes sense if the height of the antennas above the surface is defined. From a person in the water holding up the Ray to a receiver 150cm above the surface (shoulder height sitting in the zodiac) the range under usual conditions is 3000m. If one device is higher above the water (on a boat, on the shore) the range increases accordingly. At 3m height 4200m range and so on…

What legal requirements are necessary to operate the device?

You are free to use the device in the European Union. Noradiotelephone certificate (the device only transmits data) and no registration is required. There are also no annual fees of any kind. BlueLocar Ray has also been approved for the US and Canadian market. If you’re interested in using your device outside of the EU please don’t hesitate to contact us. The hardware will be delivered with the right software version.

What is the purpose of the base station?

In general you only need a minimum of two type Ray devices to operate the system. The base staion is not required but generates additional comfort for larger boats and bases. The advantages are an increased wireless range by attaching the antenna high on a mast, a radar-like display of all type ray devices in range on a comfortable 7″ coulor display, a loud accoustic alarm in case of a received SOS signal. The base station is available for order.

What is the difference between SOS and HOME signals and may I also transmit other signals?

The SOS function is an emergency signal that is reveiced and located by all type Ray devices and all BlueLocar base stations. The HOME function is one level below, and is only received by devices of the same group (=your dive partners, your dive base), can be edited via software) and signals e.g. that you want to be picked up without being in an emergency situation. You can transmit by pc-software individually predefined short messages (text), that can be chosen from a list.


The signaling-, locating- and tracking system based on the BlueLocar Ray SE is with its numerous functions and applications worldwide unique.

•Each device is able to locate each other device in range. With this ability the necessity of any other infrastructure (voice radio, AIS, etc) is gone and so the system is easily applicable for small goups who want to safeguard each other. Also carrying a heavy base station is not necessary.
•The display is highly sunlight readable even under maritime conditions
•The Ray is splash water resistant and therefore the perfect handheld locator for a zodiac crew
•The wireless connection represents the latest state of the art. Up to 250 devices organize themselves in a network. Even forwarding a signal between two devices that are out of range via a device in between is implemented
•Devices of the own group (your dive partners, your base) can be located even without SOS or HOME signal as long as they are in range
•Individually (via pc-software) predefined text messages that are chosen from a list on the device can be transmitted. This list can differ from device to device if required
•If a SOS or HOME signal was transmitted, it is displayed if another device has received the signal and if someone reacted manually to the signal
•The magnetic compass can be used for navigation
•The depth profile of the dive can be read out via USB like a dive computer