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Are you looking for a sophisticated safety solution for your dive-base or surfbase? Are you a buddy team wanting to sa­feguard each other? Do you want to be well prepared against being swept away by wind and currents?

Innovative Tracking System.

BlueLocar presents Ray, a state-of-the-art tracking system for more safety in water sports. Our special feature is the bi-directional tracking and navigation function as every device can send and receive data. A base station is therefore not necessary.

The Rationale.

Ray is based on the radio transmission of data, especially of GPS positions between devices. The SOS button at the side sends the dist­ress signal. The HOME function button enables you to signal your position even if there is not a case of emergency, for instance to be picked up.

Much More than a Tracking System.

Our system provides a variety of cus­tom features to match your needs. For easy navigation the digital compass can be used underwater and above water anytime. Ray provides depth measurement for divers. Windsurfers or kitesurfers can see the speed they are travelling at and their jump height. All recorded data is transmitted electroni­cally and can be read via USB

You Will Be Found!

Equipped with an additional Ray or base station, your team will be able to react quickly to your distress signal and will be able to handle cases of emergency easi­ly and without delay.

Be Safe Thanks to Ray Tracking.

It does not matter where you are, either at the beach, on a dinghy or a boat. Offer your customers a reliable rescue system or safeguard your partner, friends or your­self against being driven out by wind and currents or other unexpected events.


Use the digital compass for navigation under and above water. Depending on the vertical or horizontal position of the device, the Ray system presents two dif­ferent optimized compass displays for use.

Independent from Infrastructure.

The system operates independently from local infrastructure such as mobile net­works, voice radio and GMDSS. It works in licence free bands and no registration is necessary. As your team deals with the received signals, any false alarms that may occur will not cause any extra costs.

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